Stormwater tunnel protects Outer Østerbro against torrential rain

To move rainwater and stormwater away from the district of Ydre Østerbro, HOFOR, the capital area utility company, is constructing a tunnel that can discharge the rainwater directly into the harbour.

  • Place

    Fra Carl Nielsens Allé, via Johan Svendsens Vej og ud i havnen ved Lautrupkaj

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  • Price

    Ca. 100 mio kroner kr.

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  • Handled rain water

    Tunnelen er ø2500. kan klare en 100 års regn med sikkerhedsfaktor. Max kapacitet forventes at være 6,5 m3/s

  • Contact

    Christina Otzen Kommunikationsrådgiver HOFOR
Byggepladsen på Lautrup Kaj august 2015. Cirklen markerer der, hvor HOFOR graver ud og sænker boremaskinen ned. Den skal så bore under banelegemet og videre mod Johan Svendsens Vej.
Byggepladsen ved Lautrupkaj under opstart af byggeriet. Juni 2015
Byggepladsen på Lautrup Kaj august 2015
Byggepladsen på Lautrup Kaj august 2015

The Østerbro Tunnel is one of the first to be built by HOFOR. It is intended to ensure that Ydre Østerbro escapes the foods at Svanemøllehallen, the S-train line and the former Øresund Hospital. Several schools, institutions and associations in this area have been hit hard by flooding when torrential downpours occur. When the rainwater is discharged directly into the harbour, we can quickly remove water from the roads, and in addition we escape having to pump the clean rainwater out to the Lynette sewage treatment plant.

It is therefore a solution that safeguards the areas in the event of torrential rains and at the same time relieves the sewer system and saves the environment in pumping the water the whole way through the city. It is one of the first stormwater tunnels, and it is a solution that HOFOR expects to have to use at several other places in Copenhagen.

The principle of the tunnel is reproduced on this drawing, which has been distributed in connection with start-up of the project.

The building site at Lautrup Kay in August 1985. The circle marks where HOFOR excavates and lowers the boring machine. It is intended to bore below the railway line and further onward towards Johan Svendsens Vej.
Tegning hofor tunnel