Urban Spaces

In the Climate Resilient Neighbourhood we will create green street corners, luxuriant front gardens and areas of wild vegetation. The new urban spaces are to make the neighbourhood ready to cope with the heavy downpours of the future and at the same time make the neighbourhood an attractive place to live and stay.

For more information about the projects. Please visit our danish site. We recommend using Google Chrome in order to translate.


The square of Taasinge Plads is the first climate change-adapted urban space to be completed in the neighbourhood and in Copenhagen. The square was officially opened on 6 December 2014 – in the same year that Copenhagen was named European Green Capital.

In addition, we are working on creating a number of urban spaces that bring nature into the neighbourhood.

At Haralds Plads, the green element contributes to reviving an otherwise anonymous square. Around Kildevældsparken there will be space for play and exercise on a green chain, while a new cultural centre next to Kildevæld School is intended to demonstrate relationships between nature, learning and culture.