Several courtyards in the Climate Resilient Neighbourhood will be renovated and greened over the next few years. The courtyards are to be transformed into large luxuriant courtyard gardens that can manage everyday rain locally and improve everyday life for the residents. In the courtyards, rainwater can percolate and be collected in rain beds, water columns or storage tanks and be used locally for watering or play. At the same time, the courtyard is to be arranged so that the basement is kept dry and the water runs to the street and from here out to the harbour when downpours occur.

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In the courtyards, we work on the infiltration and retention of rainwater.

For example, it can be collected in rain beds, water columns, or reservoirs and used locally for watering or recreation. At the same time, the courtyards are designed so that basements are kept dry and water can flow to the streets from where it can be discharged into the harbour or other retention basins in case of cloudbursts.

The City of Copenhagen and the Ministry of Social Affairs, Housing and Senior Citizens have allocated a total of DKK 40 million to three pilot projects that has been implemented in the Climate Neighbourhood, Sydhavn and Nordvest from 2013-2022.

In 2018, Real Dania (Sustania) has named “The Courtyard Gardens of the Future” as one of Denmark’s best climate adaptation projects. These courtyards show how we create urban renewal and recreational open spaces in run-down backyards and at the same time contribute to Copenhagen’s climate adaptation.

Listen to Former “Cityarchitect of Copenhagen” Tina Saaby talk about the value of courtyards for Copenhagen.