A cloudburst-proofed activity and exercise strip

Tåsingegade is to be made greener, linked better to Tåsinge Plads and the rest of the neighbourhood and cloudburst-proofed. The vision is to improve the recreational options in the street space alongside rearrangement as a cloudburst road, so that synergies are created between climate adaptation and quality of life for the city’s citizens.


  • Place


  • Status


  • Price

    - skitseprojekt - kr.

  • Area

    Ca 1300 m2 nyt grønt på Tåsingegade Gadens samlede areal er ca. 10.000 m²

  • Advisors

    Tredje Natur

  • Handled rain water

    Ikke fastlagt endnu

Visualisering fra Tredje Naturs skitseforslag.
Tåsingegade sommeren 2015
Tåsingegade sommeren 2015
Tåsingegade sommeren 2015

With a strong local effort, Tåsinge will undergo a transformation in years to come from the greyish urban space it is today to being green, luxuriant and adapted to a changed climate. There is masses of space on Tåsingegade, and green oases and a sprucing-up of the urban space will make the street appear more cohesive. At the same time Tåsingegade has been designated as a cloudburst road as, by virtue of its slope towards Østerbrogade, it will be able to carry large volumes of rainwater. The street will be able both to manage water locally and to convey overflow further.

The sketches from Tredje Natur are intended to form the basis for the future of Tåsingegade, but the process contains more than just a construction project. Because Tåsingeplads is a private common road, the process has to be endorsed 100% from the outset, as it is the owners of the street that have the road areas at their disposal. The Green Tåsingegade association, which consists of representatives of most of the street’s properties, has been established and will be the active local party in the project. Green Tåsingegade will work closely together with the Climate-Resilient Neighbourhood to ensure that the project will meet the local level of ambition.

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