Several courtyards in the Climate Resilient Neighbourhood will be renovated and greened over the next few years. The courtyards are to be transformed into large luxuriant courtyard gardens that can manage everyday rain locally and improve everyday life for the residents. In the courtyards, rainwater can percolate and be collected in rain beds, water columns or storage tanks and be used locally for watering or play. At the same time, the courtyard is to be arranged so that the basement is kept dry and the water runs to the street and from here out to the harbour when downpours occur. For more information about the projects. Please visit our danish site. We recommend using Google Chrome in order to translate.


Rainwater as a resource

The courtyards cover around 30% of the area of the Climate Resilient Neighbourhood. The many courtyards in the neighbourhood are encircled by typical Copenhagen blocks, which create a secure courtyard where the residents spend a large proportion of their social life and relaxation time. Many blocks have large, open and green courtyard spaces, and in many cases there are also private front gardens, creating a homely and welcoming ambience. We will safeguard and reinforce this quality in the neighbourhood.

It is therefore essential to incorporate the courtyards into our thinking about the adaptation to climate change that will take place in Copenhagen in the future.

Courtyard gardens of the future

In the courtyards we can also make use of the rainwater as a resource to make the spaces where people spend time greener and at the same time improve the everyday lives of the residents. Biodiversity will also be maintained and enhanced in the neighbourhood. In addition, a green, cooling oasis teeming with life helps to ensure that in the longer term there are pleasant places to spend time for the residents when the temperature rises.

Over the period from 2013 to 2017, the City of Copenhagen will be carrying out three demonstration projects aimed at developing and showing various ways of managing rainwater in Copenhagen courtyard gardens.

The courtyard gardens of Copenhagen

The City of Copenhagen implements and funds around 10 courtyard garden projects in Copenhagen every year. The aim is to create better open spaces for the people of Copenhagen to combine small and outdated courtyard gardens into one large joint courtyard. If you would like to know about the courtyard gardens of Copenhagen, or how your block can be considered for a joint courtyard, read more here.